Ten years of Creative & Cultural Skills

,  25 March 2015

From founding creative apprenticeships to Building a Creative Nation, Creative & Cultural Skills has seen plenty of big achievements in its first ten years. In this short video, our trustees reflect on the impact we've had in the last decade and look to the next.

Creative & Cultural Skills is ten years old. As part of our birthday celebrations, we've asked some of the members of our board of trustees to give a personal take on how they feel about our achievements over the past decade. 

While some of our trustees have been with us since the beginning of our journey, others have joined us more recently. All are extraordinarily committed to our cause to create jobs for young people in the creative and cultural industries, in a way that helps the sector to grow economically. 

These interviews were conducted and recorded by two of our apprentices, who are learning about sound recording and administering projects

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