City of Wolverhampton College welcome film industry leaders for Creative Choices event

 19 November 2018

On Tuesday 13 November, 74 learners from City of Wolverhampton college attended a media focused Creative Choices event as part of the college's Stretch and Challenge enrichment week.

Film industry leaders talked about their roles and the routes they took to get there; industry challenges and opportunities; and their different viewpoints on independent, freelance, or employee working.

Learners also took part in round table discussions focused on the dos and don’ts of recruitment and heard some hints and tips for making the right impression when first in work.

Guest contributors included:

  • Daniel Clifford, Programme Delivery Coordinator (Midlands), Into Film.
  • Andy Richardson, Independent Writer and Director and Productions Manager for BBC.
  • Daniel Alexander, Filmmaker and Director and recently directed a film for the Commonwealth Games.
  • Amy Smart, Partnerships & Interventions Manager, Flatpack Festival

Joanna Slater, Curriculum Manager for Art & Design, Music and Performing Arts and Music Technology Lecturer commented,

It was an invaluable experience for them and the students were all very positive.

“Thank you ever so much for today and for taking the time out to spend time with our students. It was an invaluable experience for them and the students were all very positive. I look forward to how this will help them to move forward and be successful in the future. It really was an excellent event I hope we can talk more about future projects and engagement. I look forward to future endeavours!”

Ruth Richardson, Creative & Cultural Skills Partnership Manager for the Midlands commented,

“The event was a great way for students to meet and learn about industry leaders, to understand their career pathways and to understand that people take different routes to achieve their dream role. It was lovely to see so much engagement and so many questions asked. The team at Wolverhampton College are truly nurturing the next generation of creative leaders and it was a pleasure to provide an opportunity to help them on their journey.”

If you would like to arrange a talk in your setting or would like to discuss becoming a member college, just get in touch! / 020 7015 1800

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