Creative & Cultural Skills attends final Creative Skills Europe steering group meeting

 19 March 2019

Programme Director, Rob West attended the final Steering Group meeting of Creative Skills Europe in Brussels on 18 March 2019.

Creative Skills Europe is the European platform for Employment and Training in the Audiovisual (AV) and Live Performance (LP) sectors, and has involved a range of organisations working in the area of skills in collaborations over the past two years. 

Rob said, "Creative & Cultural Skills is delighted to work in partnership with a host of other European partners to look at the common skills challenges we all face in the creative industries. Our final Steering Group meeting in Brussels recently took stock of the lessons learned during the last two years and looked into the future, focusing in particular on possible follow-up actions.

"A series of five publications sharing case studies of how different organisations are attempting to overcome the barriers to developing skills will be published later this spring and offer some inspiring projects worth sharing."

The publications, which are based on the themed workshops Creative & Cultural Skills has contributed to in London, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Gothenburg, will be available soon to download from the Creative Skills Europe website. 

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