Creative & Cultural Skills supports National Apprenticeships Week

 4 March 2019

From 4 to 8 March 2019, Creative & Cultural Skills will be publishing blogs, think-pieces and sharing key publications to celebrate the work we do to promote apprenticeships in the cultural sector.

Since 2019 we’ve seen over 4,500 apprenticeship starts in the sector.
Since 2019 we’ve seen over 4,500 apprenticeship starts in the sector.

National Apprenticeships Week is an annual celebration of apprenticeships and the benefits they bring to individuals, employers and the economy. It is coordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service which is part of the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

This year’s theme is ‘Blaze a Trail’ and it aims to highlight the hard-work and passion of apprentices and their employers. 

We have been involved in apprenticeships since 2008, when we first supported the development of the creative apprenticeship frameworks for the industry. We believe that developing quality, industry-led apprenticeships is one of the most crucial ways in which we can build a more inclusive, diverse and skilled workforce in the cultural sector.

This National Apprenticeships Week, Creative & Cultural Skills will be celebrating the work we’ve been doing to support employers to create apprenticeships in their organisations, and sharing our thoughts on what the future of apprenticeships look like in the sector. We’ll also be sharing some of our most popular resources, to make sure that those who are inspired to develop apprentices have the support and information they need.

Creative & Cultural Skills CEO Simon Dancey said, “We are delighted to take the opportunity during National Apprenticeships Week to talk more about the work we do to promote, create, and develop creative apprenticeships.

Our recent research has demonstrated the different demographics that are under-represented throughout our sector, particularly in comparison to the wider UK workforce. Young people, especially, are under-represented across the whole country.”

We believe that it is vital to tackle these inequalities, so that we can create a strong and skilled workforce which is representative of our society. Quality apprenticeships is a key method of attracting a diverse range of applicants, and supporting them to thrive.”

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