Help shape the standards for Sound Recording and Music Technology

 19 September 2019

ScreenSkills is leading a review of the National Occupational Standards for Sound Recording and Music Technology. Recording artists, producers, sound technicians and anyone else with specialism in sound technology are invited to workshops across the UK to help shape best practice.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

National Occupational Standards reflect best practice in industry and underpin vocational qualifications and related apprenticeships. They are used to inform job descriptions, appraisals and training and to make sure education is teaching the skills that are relevant to industry. 

As part of the review, ScreenSkills will be hosting workshops across the UK to seek input and advice from relevant practitioners and stakeholders. There will also be a chance to take place in an online consultation.

Workshop Schedule

8th October         1.30 -  4pm       Glasgow, Scotland

15th October     10.30 – 1pm       London, England

16th October     10.30 – 1pm       Cardiff, Wales

17th October     10.30 – 1pm       Belfast, NI

Register to take part in the workshops and/or online consultation by 2nd October by emailing Krisztina Biliczky with your contact details.

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