Leadership colleges imagine a new reality in Gateshead

 20 February 2019

Leadership Colleges have been welcomed to PROTO in Gateshead for an interactive event looking at virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) in the arts and cultural sector. They will be considering the uses and potential of this new technology, and how it can be applied in the education sector.

The Immersive Lab is one of only four in the UK. Photo Credit @ Digital Catapult North East & Tees Valley
The Immersive Lab is one of only four in the UK. Photo Credit @ Digital Catapult North East & Tees Valley

Taking place on 20 February 2019, this event aims to allow educators to explore how new technology could be used in their institution, consider how it could form part of future curriculum development and establish new partnerships in the region.

The event will be held at PROTO: Emerging Technology Centre, Europe’s first dedicated centre for emerging technology. It is a state-of-the-art research and development facility equipped with sound recording studio and specialist 3D character and motion capture equipment for hire in Gateshead. The event has organised with the support of Jenny Lang, Innovation Manager of Digital Catapult North East & Tees Valley.

Staff will have the chance to learn and discuss the role of emerging technology in the creative sector, in relation to further and higher education, through industry presentations and hands-on demonstrations in the Immersive Lab, established by Digital Catapult Centre NETV. The Immersive Lab (one of only four in the UK) offers companies access to leading-edge hardware and innovative software across AR, VR and mixed-reality.

The day will include presentations from creative and cultural organisations including the National Theatre and Northumberland National Park.

Creative & Cultural Skills have organised this information day for leadership colleges as part of its annual programme of Continuing Professional Development, available to institutions in the National Skill Academy.

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