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Attendees had the chance to try out the technologies and consider how they could be used in their colleges

The potential of immersive in the arts and cultural sector

Melanie Shee , 17 April 2019

New emerging technologies will transform entertainment, employment and skills needs in the future. We offered NSA leadership colleges the chance to find out more at an interactive event in PROTO Gateshead, in March 2019. Melanie Shee, Partnership Manager for the North East, writes about what happened on the day.

It's been a year of change for Creative & Cultural Skills

A year in the life of Creative & Cultural Skills

Sarah Laverty , 1 April 2019

Our top ten achievements

Reforms are an opportunity to create truly industry-led training

The apprenticeship reforms: Two years on.

Sara Whybrew , 6 March 2019

Are they really bad for the sector?

The UK’s first theatre careers resource, ‘Get Into Theatre’

Sarah Laverty , 8 May 2019

The Stage, Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre join forces to break down barriers to a career in theatre.