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Let's get Standards right for our industry.

Review of National Occupational Standards - online consultation

 15 January 2018

Creative & Cultural Skills is reviewing the National Occupational Standards for a range of occupations in the sector. These Standards underpin the current related Apprenticeships which are used within our industry as well as informing further and higher education.

Moving on after an apprenticeship

 7 December 2017

The end is just as important as the beginning

How has 2017 fared?

 7 December 2017

The world of skills in 2017

What are you getting wrong with entry-level recruitment?

 20 July 2017

What you need to know about employing young people

Get creative with Talnet

 22 September 2017

Talnet is a networking platform for people and businesses in the creative industries. With them you can create, promote and discover projects and work opportunities near you and around the world and also locate talent for collaboration. Co-Founder and joint CEO of Talnet, Louis Tornero-Moffitt, tells us more.

Get into learning and participation

 21 September 2017

Find out more about learning and participation

How to nail your graduate CV for the creative industries

 31 August 2017

4 top tips for your graduate creative CV

Diversity in theatre: small players leading the way

 13 July 2017

Serena Braida from Wac Arts explains