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Reforms are an opportunity to create truly industry-led training

The apprenticeship reforms: Two years on.

Sara Whybrew , 6 March 2019

As part of National Apprenticeships Week, Programme Director Sara Whybrew considers the impact of apprenticeships reforms in England on the cultural sector. Are they really as bad as they are sometimes made out to be?

Young people make up 2 per cent of the creative & cultural sector workforce. Photo credit: @Briony Campbell

A closer look at our new research findings

Sara Whybrew , 19 February 2019

Workforce analysis

The myth of meritocracy

Simon Dancey , 25 January 2019

CEO Simon Dancey throws down the gauntlet

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Pick your breakout session now!

Sarah Laverty , 13 March 2019

Breakout sessions are now open to book at this year’s Creative & Cultural Skills National Conference. This year’s event will consider the barriers in the cultural sector – and how we can break them down.