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What are you getting wrong with entry-level recruitment?

 20 July 2017

A job advert from a London Fringe Theatre Company looking for an office administrator for £15,000p.a. sparked outrage on Twitter this week. The advert was framed as a rant against ‘millennials’ who are no longer willing to be ‘realistic’ about jobs, hours and pay in the arts.

How to nail your graduate CV for the creative industries

 31 August 2017

A report published by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport showed strong economic growth in its sectors, with the creative industries experiencing the strongest growth in employment figures in the last five years. To ensure you become a part of these strong employment statistics, here’s how to nail your graduate CV!

Diversity in theatre: small players leading the way

 13 July 2017

Serena Braida from Wac Arts explains

Get creative with Talnet

 22 May 2017

Learn more from Co-Founder Louis Tornero-Moffitt

A backstage look at Leeds Festival

 17 May 2017

Gateshead College students explains his experience