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“It's been a pleasure to work at Creative & Cultural Skills and see our work make a huge difference.

Creative & Cultural Skills says goodbye to Jennie Godsalve

Jennie Godsalve , 23 July 2019

After 11 years with Creative & Cultural Skills, Partnership Manager Jennie Godsalve is leaving to take on a new challenge. Practising what she’s been preaching for over a decade, Jennie is set to become an apprentice as she takes her career in a new direction as a primary school teacher. We spoke to her to find out more.

Students have the chance to observe back stage and witness the change over between acts.

Backstage pass to major music festivals

Sarah Laverty , 8 July 2019

A behind-the-scene look for students

Attendees had the chance to try out the technologies and consider how they could be used in their colleges

The potential of immersive in the arts and cultural sector

Melanie Shee , 17 April 2019

New skills will be needed for the future

It's been a year of change for Creative & Cultural Skills

A year in the life of Creative & Cultural Skills

Sarah Laverty , 1 April 2019

Our top ten achievements

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Help shape the standards for Sound Recording and Music Technology

Sarah Laverty , 19 September 2019

ScreenSkills is leading a review of the National Occupational Standards for Sound Recording and Music Technology. Recording artists, producers, sound technicians and anyone else with specialism in sound technology are invited to workshops across the UK to help shape best practice.

New ‘Pathfinder’ school opens in Cardiff

Sarah Laverty , 23 July 2019

The school’s motto is ‘Create your World’