Building a Creative Nation – Current and Future Skills Needs: addressing skills gaps and shortages in the creative and cultural industries

The creative and cultural industries are one of the mainsprings of the British economy, yet despite its strong position, the creative and cultural sector is facing a number of skills challenges, which could threaten its continued growth and prosperity. This report explores the skills that are key to sustaining this growth, and addressing current gaps and shortages is a priority to ensure the sector continues to thrive.

Between May and December 2017, CFE Research, on behalf of Creative & Cultural Skills and Arts Council England ( ACE ), undertook a large-scale survey of creative and cultural businesses to assess skills gaps ( a lack of proficiency of the existing workforce ) and shortages ( a lack of suitable applicants with the required skills, qualifications and / or experience ). Although leadership and management skills provided a particular focus, the prevalence of existing and likely future skills gaps and shortages across all occupations and sub-sectors was explored, along with the implications for the sustainability and growth of businesses and the sector as a whole.

This report was published in 2018.

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